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Getting Manitobans

A showcase for outdoors enthusiasts featuring products & services geared towards a healthy and adventure filled lifestyle for the whole family.



Adults: $6 advanced   | $12 at the door

Under 18: Free

Free Parking


February 1-2



John Falk


Canoes & Kayaks
Fishing & Hunting
Cycle Cross


Marine Products

Power Sport

Log Carver

Ice Fishing





Outdoor Living

Outdoor Associations
Hang Gliding/Ultralights
Horseback/Trail Riding
Nurseries – Trees/Plants
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Sporting goods – Retail


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Paddle Boarding

2024 Mainstage Schedule

Coming soon!
5pm - 9pm

6:00 – Rapters N Reptiles – Wildlife Haven

7:00 – Robb Massey – How could an EBike change your life?

8:00 –  H.E.A.R.T. – Seeking the Lost





10am - 6pm

11:00 – Lesley Gaudry – Natures Edge Tourism – “ Top Ten Types of Sup’ing!”

12:00 – Rock n Roll Fisherman Todd Longley’s “The Price is Right” –Sponsored by Urban Tactical

1:00 – Chris Benson – MWF – “Wild Game Wontons”

2:00 – Manitoba Camping Association – The Sunshine Fund & the importance of going to camp for kids

3:00 – Erica Lindell – Sustainable and Ethical Foraging

4:00 – Paige Chandler – Commercial Fishing in Manitoba

5:00 – Marc Liss – Origin Handcrafted Goods – “Knife Making from Repurposed Materials”

10am - 4pm

11:00 – H.E.A.R.T. – Seeking the Lost

12:00 – Rock n Roll Fisherman Todd Longley – “Ice Fishing on Lake Winnipeg 101”

1:00 – Rapters N Reptiles – Wildlife Haven

2:00 – Carolyn Regehr – “Hiking with Kids”

3:00 - Intro to Fly Fishing in Manitoba



Outdoor Demonstrations

 Log Carving

  • Windy Day Woodworks 

  • Fred Thomas Carving

Shift Products Ltd

  • SnowGecko Auto Socks

Camp Arnes 

  • Ice Fishing Shack

  • Fire Pits

  • Bannock Making

  • Fat Tire Bikes Snow Course

*Schedule is subject to updates

Mainstage Sponsored By: 

On the Mainstage...

Coming soon!

Raptors N' Reptiles

Wildlife Haven
Friday - 6pm

Each non-releasable wildlife ambassador has a story to tell about why they are not able to return to the wild and a lesson to teach about how we can peacefully coexist with wildlife. From owls, hawks and falcons, to reptiles and amphibians - our presentations give you a chance to meet them up close! Together, we will discuss adaptations, conservation, ecology, and the biology of each species! We will also talk about why these ambassadors are permanent residents here at Wildlife Haven

Seeking the Lost

Friday - 8pm & Sunday 11am

HEART'S presentation on the mainstage titled "Seeking the Lost" will demonstrate the team's continuous evolution as an Underwater SAR team and will showcase the tools and technologies they use,  what challenges we still have and what they envision for HEART in the future. Paul and Maendel will also share on WHO the HEART Team is, WHERE their missions have been, WHAT they do on missions, HOW they conduct an actual search and WHY they are doing this kind of work.

Paul and Manuel Maendel are brothers from Oak Bluff Hutterite Colony, 5 miles east of Morris Manitoba.  Paul is the dive team coordinator and is married with 7 children.  He is the school principal and high school teacher at the colony school.  He is also the assistant pastor.  Manuel is married with 5 children and is the german teacher in the colony school.  He is the sonar and ROV specialist.  The brothers started their dive training in 2006 with instructor Brent Stoesz from Steinbach MB and form the core of HEART.  Since 2007 they have been involved in the searches and recoveries of over 50 drowning victims.  They are also involved in teaching drowning prevention to students, training other underwater SAR teams, and sharing the gospel and their faith wherever their journey takes them.

Top Ten Types of Sup'ing !

Nature’s Edge Tourism – Lesley Gaudry
Saturday - 11am

Explore the remarkable surge in paddleboarding's popularity over the last decade with us. Join our session to delve into the myriad opportunities for Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) and discover the top ten types of SUP activities available in Manitoba. Learn what makes each type unique and why paddleboarding has become a beloved outdoor pursuit.

Plus we will be sharing our favorite tips and tricks to enhance your paddleboarding experience! Join us as we delve into the art of maintaining balance, harnessing power, and selecting the perfect paddle locations.

What is an EBike? How could an EBike Change your life?

Robb Massey
Saturday - 12pm

Are you intrigued and a little confused about all the talk of e-bikes? Electric Bicycles seem to be everywhere and they’re changing the way traffic flows, affecting transit ridership, keeping older people active, getting young people outside and causing controversy wherever you find them.  

Coach Robb will discuss how Electric Bicycles are changing lives and provide some helpful tips for choosing the right bike for you. Robb Massey is a cycling coach and bicycle retailer. He’s helped hundreds of children and families learn to enjoy trails in Manitoba and beyond through Kids of Mud and Sprockids programs. He is also the owner/manager of Northern Bicycle Company and Olympia Cycle & Ski (Portage Ave).

Coach Robb


The Price is Right + Channel Cat Fishing 101

Todd Longley (AKA The Rock N' Roll Fisherman)
Saturday - 1pm

This year at The Manitoba Outdoors Show come meet Todd Longley, AKA The Rock N Roll Fisherman, a fishing guide since 1999 with CITYCATS GUIDING SERVICE. 

Todd loves showcasing our amazing fisheries here in Manitoba to anglers from all over the world. He specializes in monster channel cats and huge green back walleye on the world famous Red River. In the winter the Rock N Roll Fisherman takes anglers ice fishing out on Lake Winnipeg to fish for green back walleye. 

Todd will be on stage this year doing his popular version of The Price Is Right game show and giving away lots of great outdoor prizes courtesy of URBAN TACTICAL.

Todd will also be doing a seminar on Channel Cat Fishing 101 that you won't want to miss. One thing we know about the Rock N Roll Fisherman is he has lots of prizes for anyone attending his seminars, so come down to The Manitoba Outdoors Show and meet Todd Longley, The Rock N Roll Fisherman


Wild Game Wontons

Chris Benson – MWF
Saturday - 1pm

Embark on a culinary adventure with Chris Benson, Events and Program Coordinator of the Manitoba Wildlife Federation, at our outdoors show trade show. Discover the art of preparing wild game wontons—a simple, delicious recipe that transforms your wild harvest into a culinary masterpiece.

Chris Benson is Manitoba Wildlife Federation’s Event’s and Program Coordinator. He spends his days introducing new people to hunting, fishing and the shooting sports. He also teaches the Canadian Firearms Program and co-manages the Manitoba Hunter Education Program. When he isn’t working he can be found in the marshes, fields and forests of Manitoba hunting waterfowl, black bears, whitetails, sandhill cranes and upland game birds.

The Sunshine Fund and the importance of going to camp for kids (& families)

Manitoba Camping Association - Sunshine Fund
Saturday - 2pm

Get ready to gather 'round our virtual campfire for an unforgettable experience! We'll kick off the event with some fun campfire singing to set the tone for a fantastic day. Following the lively sing-along, join our dynamic presenters, Kim, Rick, Michelle, and Dana, as they take center stage to share an engaging presentation.

Discover the incredible benefits of sending your child to camp, where lifelong memories and friendships are made. Our speakers will guide you through a captivating PowerPoint presentation, unveiling the magic of the camping experience. Learn about the Sunshine Fund, a beacon of support for families in need, ensuring that no child misses out on the adventure of camp due to financial barriers.

Join us in this heartwarming journey, exploring the joy of camp and the meaningful impact of the Sunshine Fund on families. Let's come together, share stories, and spread the warmth of community and compassion. It's time to embrace the spirit of campfire camaraderie and make a difference in the lives of those who dream of a summer filled with laughter, learning, and love. See you at the virtual campfire!

Sustainable + Ethical Foraging

Erica Lindell - Mossy Birch Homestead
Saturday - 3pm

Join Erica Lindell, owner of Mossy Birch Homestead while she discusses with you some sustainable and ethical foraging tips along with what to do and how to use the wild plants, medicines or mushrooms that you find. 

Erica Lindell is a metis woman who was raised in the Interlake in a family that lived off of the land in the ways of foraging, trapping and hunting. She now lives in eastern Manitoba where she teaches foraging classes, make and take classes and more to people interested in reconciliation and knowledge of the land; and how to use what is provided to us. Erica is a practicing herbalist and enjoys teaching about all of the wild plants, medicines and mushrooms available to us here in Manitoba

Commercial Fishing in Manitoba

Paige Chandler
Saturday - 4pm

Dive into the heart of Manitoba's commercial fishing industry with our enlightening presentation! Join us as we navigate the waters of knowledge to explore the unique lifestyle and abundant opportunities waiting in the world of commercial fishing in Manitoba. 

Paige Chandler is dedicated to living her life and earning her income in the great outdoors, a commitment she takes great pride in. Having discovered the multitude of ways to make a living, Paige wishes she had known about these opportunities at an earlier age. 

While conventional professions like being a doctor, lawyer, farmer, or nurse seemed to be the only paths, Paige has found fulfillment in alternative avenues. During the summer months, Paige works at fishing lodges within the Manitoba tourism industry, showcasing her passion for the region's natural beauty and recreational opportunities.

In the colder seasons, including winter and sometimes spring and fall, she actively engages in commercial fishing—an entirely different but equally beloved local industry. Paige's dual involvement reflects her deep affection for and support of both sectors, contributing to the richness of her outdoor-centric lifestyle.

Knife Making from Repurposed Materials

Marc Liss - Origin Handcrafted Goods
Saturday - 5pm

Dive into the world of bladesmithing with Marc Liss, an Interlake artisan boasting over a decade of expertise. Join Marc as he unveils the secrets of crafting knives from repurposed and salvaged materials. In this presentation, discover the creative process and sustainable practices that drive Marc's passion for breathing new life into old steel, turning discarded materials into functional works of art.

Hiking with Kids

Carolyn Regehr - Prairie Crew Adventures
Sunday - 2pm

Want to hike with kids but don’t know where to start? Carolyn Regehr, founder of Prairie Crew Adventures, is here to help. Hiking with kids is an adventure like no other. It's an opportunity for families to connect with nature, bond, and create lasting memories together. 

In our presentation, we'll guide you through the exciting and rewarding experience of hiking with kids. We will share our tips and strategies for planning and packing, keeping them engaged, and incorporating the Leave No Trace principles. 

Join us as we equip you with the tools and knowledge to make hiking with your kids (from babies, toddlers, school age to teens) a source of joy and adventure. Get ready to hit the trails and ignite the spirit of exploration in your family! 

Carolyn Regehr, founder of Prairie Crew Adventures is here to make outdoor adventures a way of life, from camping and hiking to biking, skiing, and playing. Along the way Prairie Crew Adventures helps families have fun while creating lasting memories outdoors together.

Intro to Fly Fishing in Manitoba

Kelsey Bell
Sunday - 3pm

Join Kelsey for a brief introduction on fly fishing in the province of Manitoba. She'll share some stories from her experiences and give you some tips to get you started. She'll also share about some of the different fly fishing opportunities Manitoba has to offer and some great Manitoba based resources to help you on your own journey.

Kelsey is a Manitoba-born outdoorswoman with a passion for all types of fishing. Throughout the year, you can find her on the water (or ice) during every season, but her favourite times are when she can fly fish. Kelsey took up fly fishing in 2016 and it quickly became her favorite style because of the challenge, the tranquility, and the intentionality of the sport.

Kelsey has served as an executive committee member for the Manitoba Fly Fisher's Association since 2021. Through this position, she has had the privilege of leading and assisting with numerous fly fishing courses throughout Southern Manitoba. Kelsey loves to meet and help new fly anglers and is dedicated to growing the sport of fly fishing in Manitoba, particularly among women.

When Kelsey is not on the water, you'll probably find her peering into the trees with some binoculars, as she is also an avid birdwatcher, or sitting at a computer working to finish her Master of Science in Biology.

Chainsaw Carving Demo

Fred Thomas
0utdoor Demo

Meet Fred Thomas: Retired guy enjoying carving art for 25 years. Fred found chainsaws 6 years ago and hasn't looked back!

Chainsaw Carving Demonstration

Ernie Reimer - Windy Day Woodworks
0utdoor Demo

Ernie is no stranger to wood having been in the logging industry since 2004.

Owner of Tyndall Firewood Supply, Dealer for Premier Portable Buildings and Founder of Windy Day Woodworks.

Ernie carved his first owl July 2017 and has been hooked ever since.

Find him at our outdoor presentation area as he shares the ins and outs of his craft.

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